Mill Creek Brewery

New historical marker recognizes early nineteenth brewery

A new historical marker recognizing the Brewery at Mill Creek was recently installed by Metro Nashville Public Works at Elm Hill Pike and Massman Drive.

The brewery was founded by Arthur Redmond, a European brewer, who immigrated to Nashville in 1815. He established a small brewery (often referred to as “the brewery at Mill Creek” and bakery on Chicken Pike (now Elm Hill Pike) along the east side of Mill Creek. He brewed porter and ale using grain purchased from local farmers.

The opposite side of the historical marker depicts an actual 1815 advertisement for consideration in the Nashville Whig to purchase barley for the brewery. Redmond also received a US Patent for “brewing improvements with a steam apparatus” in 1819.

Jessica Reeves, historic preservationist with the Metro Historical Commission, stated: “As the craft beer scene in Nashville continues to grow, I think it is exceptional that we are still honoring the history of beer-making in Nashville. Every new marker that we install just adds to the richness of our understanding of early life in Middle Tennessee and the integral part that brewing had in it. The Historical Commission is so thankful to have the support of community partners like Scott Mertie, who is a tireless advocate for remembering our past, especially when it comes to beer.”

This is the fourth brewery-related historical marker commissioned by Scott Mertie and his wife, Candy:

  • The Nashville Brewery marker was erected on 6th Avenue South at the original location of the Nashville Brewing Company (1859-1890) and the Wm. Gerst Brewing Company (1890-1954). 
  • The Germantown Brewery District marker is located on 5th Ave North. It recognizes the four neighborhood breweries that operated in Germantown in the 1860s (this marker was destroyed by the March 2020 tornado, but there are plans to replace it).
  • The Nashville Porter and Ale Brewery marker is located at 1901 Charlotte Ave, which was originally established in 1815.

Mertie is a local healthcare executive that dabbles in Nashville’s brewing history during his free time. He is the author of Nashville Brewing (Arcadia Publishing; 2006) and owner of the Nashville Brewing Company, which has won numerous awards for their traditional German-style lagers.

Mill Creek Brewery Marker
Mill Creek Brewery Marker Back

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